The bread is called baked goods tells immediately how important it is the cooking process in the realization of the most important food of our table.

Every type of bread, especially in the current situation that sees a market characterized by a growing diversification of demand in terms of types of flour, mix of flour, processes of leavening (which can be carried out with sourdough, Brewer’s Yeast or other) requires a precise and often personal recipe as well as, of course, a perfect baking.

The quality of the bakery oven makes the quality of the bread.

The bakery oven Jack Iron, thanks to the large resistive surface (synonym of uniformity of the heat), the manageability of the steam during the baking of the bread and the programmability of the cycles of ascent and descent of the temperature, allows to cook every type of bread to the best and to bake a product every time excellent for baking, crispiness, consistency and humidity.

To obtain an optimum baking of the bread the oven Jack Iron combines these fundamental characteristics to an insulation system made with insulating material and avant-garde constructive techniques that make it exceptional even under the aspect of energy saving.

The Rotor oven supports bakery professionals who want to approach new flours, that are becoming more and more used on the market. By combining the rotation with convection, the Rotor oven allows to obtain a more gradual and delicate cooking process, ideal for obtaining perfect results even by cooking types of dough with low or absent gluten content.

professional oven for bakery Rotor
oven for bakery Jack Iron