More than in knowing how to knead, assemble and amalgamate, the real art of pastry is in cooking.

There are a lot of techniques, that vary according to the recipes. From sponge cake to shortcrust pastry, from puff pastry to leavened pasta, not to mention meringues, cupcakes, panettone and pandoro, every pastry product requires a different approach to cooking.

It is essential to have an oven able to handle temperature cycles, steam input in the room, convection speed. How to do it? We can’t use as many ovens as there are recipes we want to prepare.

It is sufficient a high-tech oven, that can adapt to the different needs, able to heat where needed, what is needed and with an immediate response to the changes set, in a word: Rotor

Rotor is the perfect bakery oven for pastry, because it has a digital control display that can set temperature cycles, steam input in the room, convection speed, a feature of great importance to better manage the baking of large leavened and stuffed products.

Not least having an oven that provides a uniform heat to bake at all points in the same way is crucial to get a perfect baking from the heart to the surface of each piece produced.

The Jack oven, in the Green versions (equipped with a steam generator or steamer) and Iron (with a full refractory chamber and a programmable steam generator), is the ideal solution for those who want to combine a perfect cooking of pizza and bread to the offer of pastry products such as croissants, biscuits, medium leavened.

Professionals who want to expand their product range and always have perfect baking results can find in a highly programmable static oven with perfect heat distribution such as Jack Green and Jack Iron, the best support for their business.

professional oven for pastry Rotor
oven for pastry Jack Green
oven for pastry Jack Iron